Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our frequently asked questions regarding hidden pet fencing and our services. If your question is not answered below, please do not hesitate to Contact Us. We will promptly and courteously answer any questions, comments or concerns you may have.

What is a hidden pet fence?
In short, we bury a wire around your yard and hook it to a transmitter to create a containment area. The wire sends out a frequency to your pets' collar, which with proper training, will keep them within the containment area.

Does your hidden fence work with cats?
Yes -- We're proud to offer the smaller and lightest receiver, making our systems perfect for both dogs AND cats.

When my pet gets near the fence, will he just get a shock?
No -- Our professional system has a warning beep and then a correction zone.

Will my pet get a shock that hurts?
No -- Our professional system has settings from very low to very high. You can tune the collar to get your pets' attention, not hurt or over shock your them.

Can I have my pet in the back yard or front yard only?
Yes -- We will design a system that fits your needs. Multiple zones inside and outside your home are customized for you.

Is there any training process involved?
Yes -- We do not believe shock keeps pets in the yard; proper certified training does. We use a certified training procedure known as "gentle-positive reinforcement" and work personally with your dog to condition them to the fence boundaries. We do not hurt or scare your dog during the training process.

What is DM, FM, and AM signals, and what do you use?
The industry is filled with China-made AM and FM low grade signals. We use DM (digital modulation) which is the highest grade signal that can be used. Unlike other company's collars, ours will not shock your dog because of interference.

Can I adjust the shock levels with your system?
Yes -- Our collars offer the wide range of adjustments in the area. Small, timid dogs and puppies may use a gentle shock, and stubborn dogs may need a higher level. All the collars we offer have adjustments YOU can change.

Are the collar receivers water-proof?
Yes -- you can bathe your dog, take them to the lake, swim and more. The collars are water-proof in waters up to 10 feet deep.